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  • Heat tender train

    Heat Tender

    • This model is shown in primer
    • This model is built with the body and under frame.
    • I recommend you supply a set of 3 axel, heavy duty, journal trucks for the project (not included).
    • The weight of a tender is 22.2g so about 12.9g needs to be added (not included).
    • Be sure to wash the model with water and a few drips of dish detergent and a tooth brush to remove any oil from processing before painting.
  • Old photo of Milwaukee Railroad log bunks

    Log Bunks (Set of 4) – HO Scale


    Milwaukee Railroad log cars. By using these more or less permanent log bunks the cars were always ready for use. The car always had support in place to carry a full load of logs with out having to locate/cut new slats for every use.

  • Pipestone Pass train tunnel #11

    Pipestone Pass Tunnel #11

  • Train signal base

    Signal Base (Set of 6)


    • Concrete signal base
    • Designed for Model Power 3 color signal
    • Be sure to wash the parts before attempting to paint.

  • Train Trestle Base up close

    Viaduct Base (Set of 4)


    • Concrete pier with a steel cap to connect to the steel pier legs.
    • Steel cap, designed from the Blacktail trestles, in Butte Montana.
    • Size .38” l x .30” w x .48” h (each)     Material Smooth Fine Detail Plastic