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  • KATO Universal Joint (Set of 2)


    I’m sorry I don’t have the exact year and model of the engine other than it was a SP SD-40, and these were lost while trying to change the gears on the drive wheels. They should fit most KATO HO engines.

  • Double bridge trolley support

    Bridge Trolley Support (Set of 3) – HO Scale


    This is a HO scale device. In Montana and Eastern Idaho the Milwaukee Railroad used creosote treated poles for trolley support on the electrified regions. When they crossed a long bridge, Blacktail Trestle outside of Butte, Montana for example, these devices were riveted on the side of the bridge to support the trolley poles. See…

  • Old photo of Milwaukee Railroad log bunks

    Log Bunks (Set of 4) – HO Scale


    Milwaukee Railroad log cars. By using these more or less permanent log bunks the cars were always ready for use. The car always had support in place to carry a full load of logs with out having to locate/cut new slats for every use.